Where I’m From

I started an online writing course this week! Even though I’m already behind on my assignments, I’m pretty excited to “discover the power of my voice.” Our first assignment was to craft a “Where I’m From” poem, using memories that arose from a short brainstorming session. I won’t be posting all of my assignments, but I thought this one was pretty fun. So without further I do, I give you:

 Where I’m From

I am from small town, hand me down,

Flannel graphs, “A pleasure to have in class.”


I am from carport and tree fort,

Back scratches and AWANA patches.


I am from Trust and Obey

(For there’s no other way);

Perfect attendance and painting the fence.


I am from “Good night, I love you, see you in the morning,”

For fear I would not wake to see the sun shining.


I am from carpet–orange and shaggy,

The perfect place for My Little Pony.


I’m from hash browns and Bisquick;

A pink bedroom, whose color I got to pick.


I’m from weekly jammy time races,

Looking out the big picture window, making faces.


I’m from birthday banners and in-home day-care;

Hot pink NAPA hats at the local fair.


I am from strawberry jell-o pretzel salads,

Keyboard bands and oldies ballads.


I’m from adding stickers to the reading chart,

Craft projects and pieces of refrigerator art.


I am from field trips to the library,

Filling the blue bin.

Coming back next week to do it all over again.

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