What I’m Reading: Quick and Dirty

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Twitterature post, and since my list is getting long, I’ve decided to combine it with this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt “easy” and give super simple, short, 5 minute reviews of the books I’ve been reading lately!

Daring Greatly– Thought it was great, but I’m glad I read Gifts of Imperfection first. Section on Parenting was probably the best, as that is one of those areas of life that really terrifies me.

Help Thanks Wow– The first Anne Lamont book I’ve enjoyed. Probably because I can relate to the three types of prayers-help, thanks, wow!

Bel Canto– Heard a lot about Ann Patchett and this was on the “library staff recommends” shelf so I picked it up. Surprisingly engaging, even though the whole book takes place inside one house. #HostageSituation #LoveStory

Fight Back with Joy– I felt like this is the book my mom would have written. She and Margaret would have been great friends on their cancer journeys. Only wish my mom would’ve been around longer so she could read this one. Very encouraging. #ChooseJoy

The Gifts of Imperfection— Honestly I don’t remember much about this one because I read it so close to Daring Greatly, but I know that I liked it!

Simply Tuesday— Taking time to slow down and savor the little things. A great reminder and an awesome online community. #SimplyTuesday

Savor– I’ve been using this as my daily devotional for the past year. Shauna always knows exactly what I need to hear. #recipes #devotional #IloveShauna

The Nightingale– WWII love story with lots of excitement mixed in. I really enjoyed this, which I don’t say often about fiction! #WWII

#Girlboss– I didn’t know much about Sophia or her fashion company NastyGal, but it was interesting to hear her journey and advice to other gals who are looking to get ahead.

Delancey– This one was recommend to me by a few different people and I’m so glad I picked it up! It’s a memoir detailing a couple’s decision to open a pizza place in Seattle. This was all happening down the street when I lived in Seattle, and I had no idea! Can’t wait to go visit. #FoodMemoir #Seattle

Voracious- A memoir featuring recipes to accompany books from the author’s childhood, adolescene, and adult years. Very interesting concept, although I will admit I hadn’t read many of the books and most of the recipes did not appeal to me. #FoodMemoir

All The Light We Cannot See— This book made me realize that I don’t like fiction that I have to think about. I was not sure why everyone raved about it (although it was good, and surprisingly kept me engaged for 500+ pages) until I read someone else’s review and realized that I had missed the whole underlying theme and symbolism and all that. #toomuchthinking #WWII

What have you been reading lately?

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