What I’m Reading: June 2016

I must have caught the summer reading bug! Actually, what happened is that at the beginning of the month I went through our studio, picked out a stack of books, piled them on my nightstand, and declared “THESE will be the books I read this month!” But that has never worked very well for me, and sure enough, I ended up leaving the library with another stack of books…and then I went to a different library in town and had to restrain myself from checking out ALL THE BOOKS. Then I went back to the other library, and came home with EVEN more books! I think I might have a problem… but I’d say it’s a good problem, and it encourages me to READ READ READ! So here are a few of the books I’ve made it through so far this month (and a few baby books that I read before anyone knew I was pregnant)…as always, linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy.

This is Awkward— Sammy Rhodes tackles several topics that many consider too awkward to talk about, including divorce, sex, dating, depression, weight/body image… I thought the chapter on divorce was spot on, and felt like he was really speaking my language as a fellow introvert. I also appreciated the journal entries he included throughout the book, from his ramblings about what he SHOULD be writing for his book. Including those made it feel really down to earth, and as someone who struggles with putting words on the page sometimes, it made him very relatable.

The Third Plate— This book came highly recommended, and was also the chosen book of the month for the Food for Thought book club through the Inland Northwest Food Network. It’s long, but good! Dan Barber talks about how the current food system is not sustainable, but he also points out the unsustainability of the grass-fed, organic food movement that is rising in popularity. Instead he explores a new way of doing things. I learned a lot from this book and left very inspired!

The Treasure Principle— This little book has been on our shelf for quite some time, and I picked it up in one of those “I’m going to read this so I can finally get rid of it” moments. I was surprised that it didn’t present ALL of the same tithing principles I’ve heard over and over again, although I’m not sure it was anything life-changing for me at this point in time.

Passed and Present— This quick little book jumped out at me on the New Release shelf of the library. The author presents different strategies for how to remember your loved ones who have passed. A lot of the ideas were a little too strange for me (especially the ones involving repurposing your loved ones’ possessions—but maybe that is because I am pretty minimal and my mom got rid of most of her stuff before she passed), but there were a few things I hadn’t thought about—especially the ideas involving technology. If you can get it at your library and this is something you’re interested in, pick it up, but I probably wouldn’t purchase it.

Grief is a Journey— This was a really helpful book! The author is a very experienced grief counselor who touches on all different sorts of grief (including disenfranchised, or unrecognized grief—like in the case of divorces, the loss of pets, jobs, or material possessions). My favorite was that he explained the difference between head grievers and heart grievers. Most books/support groups/people focus on heart grievers as the “normal”, which makes those of us who are in the other category feel like something is wrong with us, or we are grieving in the “wrong” way.

Taming the To Do List— This was a GREAT book that somehow made it into my stack at the library (sometimes I feel like a book just finds me). The author presented things in a way that was different than I had seen in other books—not just “use your time more wisely” or “here are the strategies to be more efficient.” From the beginning of the book she had readers pick two projects they wanted to tackle—one that’s a daily habit and one that is a larger passion project, and after each chapter she would ask questions about each project to get you moving! I don’t often take the time to follow through with those things, but I used my journal to record my answers and feel like I made some progress! I also feel like my biggest takeaway was recognizing that projects don’t belong on to-do lists. For instance I will never “write a book” in one day—or probably even start on it without feeling overwhelmed, if it is listed on my to-do list. I need to break it up in to smaller tasks, which can be added to the list. This has helped me tremendously, because it makes my daily list so much more manageable. 

The Birth That’s Right for You– I loved this book! It was co-written by a midwife and an OB, with the goal of helping women decide which birth is right for them, as the title suggests. They weren’t trying to push their agenda or convince you that one way was better than the other, they simply wanted every woman to know her options so she could pick what was right for her—not her mother, or her sister, or her friend. This book really confirmed my decision to choose a midwife for our prenatal care and delivery, and I am so glad I did!

Raising Baby Green— I’m not sure there was anything really new to me in this book, but that is probably because I have been transitioning us to a “green” household for quite some time. BUT I did love that this was a book written by a pediatrician, who was acknowledging that 1—what you put in, on, and around your body/your baby matters, and 2— caring for your baby starts LONG before they are born. I also liked the way the book was set up, with each chapter focusing on a different room (nursery, kitchen, outdoors, etc.) of the house.

Funny Little Pregnant Things– I would say this book was similar to The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy, which I read last month—it tackled a lot of the same topics, with the same premise—that there are lots of things about pregnancy/childbirth that no one tells you about. I definitely liked this one better as it wasn’t as snarky/ condescending about some of the more controversial topics.

Currently Reading: Anne of Green Gables; The Best Yes

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