What I’m Reading {May 2016}

Linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy for this month’s Quick Lit book reviews. As usual, the following are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase I will get a small commission, at no cost to you.


Me Before You— It’s not often that I attempt to read a book before the movie comes out…because I don’t often read books that are made into movies! This one was really good (although a little bit of a grim subject) and I am looking forward to when the movie comes out in a couple of weeks! The main character takes a job as a care-taker for a quadriplegic and later finds out his parents had alterior motives in hiring her.

Surprised by Motherhood— This is one of those books that it seems like everyone had read, so I was very excited when my friend gave me a copy. I whizzed through it in less than 24 hours because I found it so easy to relate to certain aspects of the author’s story—losing her mother to cancer at a young age, feeling more at home abroad as she tried to out-run her past, thinking she would never have children… only to find herself all of a sudden wanting to be a mother. It was also fun to read about her “learning experiences” like when she had no idea she was in labor…something that I am sure I will experience myself! I felt like midway through my pregnancy was the perfect time for me to be reading this book, but I also think that moms at any age and stage will appreciate her humorous memoir.

Born in Zion—This is not a book that I would recommend, simply because I would need to put so many disclaimers on it that it would probably lose it’s appeal. The friend who gave it to me said “I didn’t finish this one. It’s a little…” to which I suggested “kooky?” Luckily, kooky is my kind of thing, and I am used to reading books with a grain of salt! This book was written by a midwife (although I’m not sure she actually calls herself a midwife…) about 25 years ago when home births were illegal and things were a lot different. She is a very conservative Christian and refers to her work as “the baby ministry.” The thing I liked about this book (and all good books) is that it made me think. I didn’t agree with everything she said, but it made me question my views of birth—whether they are Biblical or based on what I have learned from Hollywood and the medical establishment.

The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy—This book could not be more opposite from Born in Zion, which is funny because it was given to me by the same friend. This one is supposed to be humorous and gives an outlet to learn all of the things pregnancy-related you are too embarrassed to ask someone about. I get that she was trying to be funny and appeal to a wide variety of audiences, but there were a few things that made me cringe—like her attitude towards natural birth and some comments made about people with eating disorders. Those things didn’t completely turn me off, however, and I found plenty of other topics that were of interest to me.

Wired to Create— I’ll admit, I skimmed most of this book, and I probably would have called it quits if it weren’t for the chapter on Highly Sensitive People. I had read about HSP, and even studied the idea of dandelion vs orchid children in my college psychology and sociology classes, but never before did I consider that I may actually be a Highly Sensitive Person myself! But after reading that chapter it totally made sense why I can’t stand it when people are chewing too loudly or when fabrics rub against my skin, and why I go into a dark room or closet and sit with my back against the wall when I am feeling overwhelmed (that makes me sound crazy, but apparently I’m not the only one!). Each chapter of this book described a different characteristic of creative individuals, but (other than the one chapter) I found it to be a little too scientific and repetitive for me.

Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to Rest — I’m technically still reading this book, and have been for quite some time, because I realized very early on that it was going to be one I needed to slowly savor and take my time with. The author stresses the importance of setting aside the busy-ness of life to make intentional time to hear from God. She walks through her process of coming to terms with her past as a series of panic attacks forced her to slow down and concentrate on what God might be trying to do in her life. I am totally guilty of go-go-going and stopping to say a little 1-2 prayer, but this book has really convicted me to spend more time sitting and listening.

My Little Free Library opened last week, which means my TBR (To-Be-Read) List just got a lot longer! What are you reading?

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