Tools for a Successful 2018

Christmas has come and gone, and we’re almost through my favorite week of the year. Packing away the Christmas decorations, deep cleaning and purging the house, and organizing and planning for the year ahead.

The new year always brings a new slate, and this year feels extra special. I turn the big 3-0 on December 31st, so this year January 1st ushers in not only a new calendar year, but a new decade of my life! I’ve heard the 30’s are the best, so I want to make sure I am intentional with this time. I usually reflect on the year and create goals for the coming year by myself, but this year I decided it would probably be a good idea to invite my husband into that process with me.

I was prepared to create a template for this process, and then the next morning Jennie Allen’s Dream Guide landed in my inbox, and I realized that even though it had been a few years since I had used that resource, it was exactly what I was looking for. My husband and I will individually answer the questions in the guide and then come together to discuss and plan for an intentional 2018!

I also decided to invest in a real planner this year. Getting the school issued planners was always my favorite part about going back to school in the fall. But since graduating many years ago, I’ve been using basic spiral notebooks to get the job done—mostly because I can buy them for less than 20 cents at those back to school sales I love. But thirty seemed like an appropriate age to treat myself to something cute and useful. I also got a really cute white board calendar for my office for Christmas, which I am excited to use.

Even though this week went much too quickly for me to get any of the actual planning done, I feel like I am at least entering 2018 with the tools to get my hustle on!

How are you preparing for this new year? Do you have any tips for living year 30 to it’s fullest?

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