Timing is Everything {Day 4}

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One of the first things I Googled after getting engaged was “wedding checklist.” I found many links to wedding planning sites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire, all of which allowed me to enter my wedding date and produced a customized timeline for me. The only problem was that most of these sites are designed for engagements that are a year or more in length, which meant I started off with 92 “overdue tasks.” Talk about overwhelming! I immediately wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. Instead I logged off, went back to step one, and then called a friend who had successfully planned a wedding in 3 months to see what she did.

The next time I saw her she presented me with a BEAUTIFUL 3 Month Wedding Timeline that her sister-in-law had designed. It was literally a lifesaver! I was recently able to pass this same timeline along to another friend, and she had the same reaction I did:

“I thought I was so far behind on everything, but that timeline helped me to realize that I was actually more on track than I thought.”


If you are planning a wedding on a limited time frame, skip those online checklists. Even if you are able to customize it to your date, you will spend way too much time checking off tasks like:

  • Make list of needed rentals
  • Research event rentals
  • Reserve event rentals
  • Finalize event rentals
  • Confirm event rentals
  • Log deposits and payments for event rentals on budget tracker
  • Assign someone to pick up rentals
  • Arrange delivery of rentals with venue
  • Return rentals
  • Log refundable deposits on budget tracker

While all of those things are important parts of the planning process, you’ve just wasted 10 minutes reading through and checking those things off the list—10 precious minutes that you could’ve used to actually DO the tasks at hand! I’m definitely a “check it off the list” kind of gal, but when your time is limited and your list is too detailed, it’s just not very efficient!

I lived by this simple, non-overwhelming timeline, and after reviewing it, I printed off blank calendars for the next 3 months, and filled in important dates and deadlines- 1 copy for me, and 1 for my dear fiancé, who was very helpful when it came to completing the tasks. Each wedding is different; you may find that you want to meet with your favorite florist as soon as you get engaged to make sure she is available on your wedding date. Read through the timeline, make adjustments as needed, and get to planning!


Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on the part of engagement I was most looking forward to!


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