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#OperationWildThings- I finally went to the doctor about a month ago, and found out I am extremely deficient when it comes to things like essential minerals, nutrients, and protein (i.e. scary “we’ve never seen anyone with such low readings” deficiency). To increase my numbers I’m on a new diet which includes lots of organic meat, fruits, and veggies. My roommate nicknamed it “Operation Wild Things,” which I quite like. At first it was hard to make the switch from Juanitas tortilla chips, granola bars, and French fries to steak, spinach, and “bone soup” (you don’t want to know about that one), but 4 weeks in and I’m going strong! I can feel my bones becoming more calcified! Ok, not really, but I am feeling much better! The hardest part was kicking my coffee addiction- I did it cold turkey, which my doctor seemed to be very impressed by.

Supplements- Ok, this is one that I’m not really “into” by choice. See the above-mentioned diagnosis. This is part of the prescription; I take 18 different supplements with every meal. And I have to chew them. Yuck. You don’t want to know what they taste like or what they are made of. But much like the new diet, it is getting easier every day.

#Lindszlo  * Sigh * I’m really into my awesome boyfriend Laszlo. I could write a book on that one, but I’ll keep it short for your sake. Laszlo has been totally supportive of all these new life changes, even reading through the packet of information from the doctor and preparing special meals for me. He also has no problem saying “no” and is very good at setting boundaries, which is something I need more of in my life. (see below)

Boundaries- I’m learning that such drastic life changes are only possible with strong boundaries. I stepped down from my leadership role within the young adult group, because I knew that I would not get better otherwise; I was trying to split my time between concentrating on my health and my service commitment, but both of them were failing. I’ve also had to implement smaller boundaries, like leaving my phone in the other room at night (until recently, because my sister could go into labor at any time!) so I could focus on sleeping, instead of checking my Facebook or responding to that text that came in at 2am. And of course, not caving in and eating the cupcakes on the counter requires a whole different set of boundaries (way to go, self control!)

BlogLovin App- Greatest invention ever (after BlogLovin, of course). I’ve spent a lot of time in the waiting room at the doctor’s office this month, and this handy app was the perfect solution to my problem of feeling like I was wasting time, and feeling overwhelmed by the number of unread blogs that were piling up on my BlogLovin feed. Mobile app FTW!

We heart Book Exchange- I was excited to participate in this virtual book exchange, even though I knew I probably didn’t have time to shop for a book, let alone read whatever book I received. Amidst the craziness, I forced myself to sit down and blog about it to raise awareness and gain some more participants. I’m glad I signed up, because I ended up winning the $25 Amazon giftcard they were giving away!! Woohoo! (I never win anything! Except for I think now I’m on a roll because I won a padfolio and jump drive at work last week) I ended up selecting the book “Boundaries” for my exchange partner (don’t really need to explain that one- but if you’re curious, you can read some of my other blog posts about it here), and she sent me a really awesome book that will be disclosed very soon! Stay tuned.

Gluten-Free Cooking with Trader Joe’s Cookbook– Best. Find. Ever. Laszlo and I headed to Spokane a couple of weekends ago to have lunch with his grandparents. I requested that we go early so we could hit up Barnes and Noble (love me a good bookstore!). I had a gift card from two Christmases ago, so I was pretty excited to treat myself to a new read. You should know that I have quite a few cookbooks for someone who rarely cooks (and even more rarely follows recipes). So I did not expect myself to walk out of there with a new cookbook in hand, but I just couldn’t resist this one….Gluten Free…Trader Joe’s…There were pictures! Plus, everything seemed pretty easy, and actually fit into my new diet. I knew it would be a better investment than another book to add to my already overflowing shelves. And I was right-I  have already made quite a few recipes from the book, including a Goat Cheese Log, Lentil Haystacks and Potato and Kale soup. I even climbed in bed with my new cookbook the other night and slowly flipped through, scouring the recipes, trying to decide what to make next. I realized at that moment I was doing something I never thought I ever would- and I was one step closer to being as cool as Shauna Niequist.

Exercising – My new job comes with a sweet wellness plan where they pay me to work out. It’s pretty great. It’s especially convenient since my doctor wants me to exercise 3x/week. I’m still trying to get into a groove with what time of the day I prefer to go, but I’ve been mixing it up between using the elliptical and going to Zumba. I can’t wait for the return of my Zumba buddy, Emily.

#TrueLoveDates – For some reason I’m on yet another dating book kick. Usually they’re quite humorous and I don’t agree with a lot of what they have to say, but this time I’ve found a couple solid reads. Stay tuned for a review of this one!

Using small amounts of time more efficiently – I’m learning that when you work 7:30-5, go to the doctor, go to the gym, get home and have to prepare an actual meal (seriously, that takes so much time- no wonder we eat everything from a box), there is barely any time left before you have to go to bed and get up and do it all over again. The only way I”ve been able to accomplish the menial tasks is by using the little amounts of time more efficiently. For instance, usually between the time I shower and go to bed I get on my phone and check Facebook. Instead I’ve been using that time to clean my room and put my clothes away, or pack my lunch for the next day. The other morning I woke up a little earlier than expected and used that time to clean out my email inbox. The few minutes here and there really add up!

Acupuncture– I don’t think I’m so much into the actual treatment, as I am the 30 minutes I get to spend lying in a quiet, dark room three times a week. ahhhh yes.

Being a Domestic Diva- I’m gonna toot my own horn here for a minute. I’m becoming an amazing cook. I even made my own maynoaise this week. I felt so good I even wore our ridiculous apron that has “domestic diva” emblazoned across the chest.

Meal Planning- I had tried meal planning once or twice before #operationwildthings began, but it’s not until this week that I have seen how amazing it is. I was going to the grocery store nearly every other day to pick up fresh produce or items that I had forgotten or not been able to locate at the last store. The result was an overcrowded fridge and a panic every day when I had to decide what to make. So I sat down and planned out three days worth of meals using just the food on hand, and it actually worked! Another way to save time, which is really crucial these days. I know there are loads of meal planning sites and blogs out there; if anyone has any recommendations I’d love to check them out!

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