The Time Has Come

I had a heart to heart with one of my oldest and dearest friends when we were both home for Thanksgiving. He helped me to realize that I’ve been feeling stifled. I used to write about whatever was on my heart, but lately I haven’t felt that freedom.

I have been working on a guest post for my friend’s blog, Primitive Roads. The topic is Community. As I thought about what I would write, I realized that community is exactly what has been missing in my life. When you feel supported by your community, you feel free to express your true opinions and be vulnerable in your struggles.

I don’t feel that way.

I feel like things I say will be taken the wrong way; people will judge and reject me. Which is horrible because that is not love at all.

So it is time:

Time to be brave.

Time to speak out.

Time to encourage open-mindedness.

And it is time to find a community who will support me in that. They don’t have to (and hopefully won’t) agree with everything I say. Because differing opinions are great. That is how we grow and learn. The problem comes when we don’t respect each other’s differing opinions. When we don’t speak truth IN LOVE.

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