The Groom’s Role {Day 15}

Keep Calm and Put the Groom to Work

I have heard that this can be unusual, but I had a groom who actually wanted to help with the wedding planning! He didn’t have an interest in things like making invitations, designing the website, or coming up with centerpiece ideas, but he did what he could- including making phone calls, coordinating contracts, importing our guest list into our website, coordinating volunteers amongst his friends and family, and even spray painting and wrapping bottles with twine for centerpieces!

Hopefully your future husband is willing to lend a hand—he may not have a particular interest in the wedding details, but he should desire to take some of the stress off your shoulders. After all, it is his wedding as well!

It may help to think of and assign him tasks that aren’t necessarily wedding related, but still need to happen- Laszlo took care of finding a place for us to live, booking the honeymoon, and sometimes he would make dinner for me while I stressed out about colors and decorative arches.

Laszlo even managed to secretly buy us a car during our engagement. I thought it was kind of strange that he was going fishing right in the thick of our wedding planning, but I also knew he had helped WAY more than I expected him to, so I didn’t question his plans. He was gone for a full Saturday, and told me he “caught a really big one.” He showed up at my house on Sunday morning, far too early and excited for church. Finally he asked if I wanted to see his fish. I asked him if it was in the car and told him that was gross, but gave in, only to find a new car waiting in my parking spot. I LOVE the fish he caught us, and can’t believe he managed to do that amongst all the other duties he tackled. He was very busy during those 3 months!

I sincerely hope that you are just as lucky and have a groom who is willing to help out!


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