The difference is in the details {Day 19}

The best way to make your wedding unique is in the details. We wanted to really personalize our wedding, which was great, but also meant a lot of hard work! {Thank goodness for friends and family!} 

I think we had a display of childhood photos, although I never actually made it into that room, and I haven’t seen any photos of it, so I’m not exactly sure what it looked like. {I’m so sad about this. Please send me photos if you have some!} We also had a unique guest board, made by my brother in law—a board, painted with our initials and signed by all of our guests, which now hangs in our living room above the fireplace.

Guest Board, Wedding, Alternative Guest BookWhen discussing center pieces, it was suggested that I make a sample center piece and take a photo so the set up crew would know exactly what I wanted it to look like. But I soon realized that completely went against my “whimsical romantic” mismatched theme, so instead I provided bottles that had been painted and wrapped in twine, bird cages and lanterns with flameless candles {always check venue requirements!} and old books, and let the crew go at it. It turned out wonderfully! We scored big on the books- I had started visiting thrift stores looking for some vintage reads, but in talking to Laszlo’s grandparents they informed us that they had lots of old books we could use. We went to their house one evening and found two FULL cabinets of vintage books. We could not believe our eyes. It was amazing and I was in heaven! We also used old book pages to make the flowers {when I say ‘we’ I mean mine were an epic fail, and Laszlo’s sisters and mom are crafting geniuses}. It was perfect because Sam, our officiant, mentioned my love for used books in the ceremony and even referenced our need for a separate budget category to fund my book purchases.

I think the element our guests most enjoyed were the “Lindszlo fun facts” on each table. We came up with 20 fun facts about us accompanied by random funny #hashtags, printed them on cards, and tied them around the bottles on the table. Our goal was for guests to get to know a little more about us, but also to get to know each other a little better. We hoped it would encourage socializing as guests made their way around the room to read the various fun facts. After the wedding I even had requests for the list of fun facts from people who didn’t make it around the room to read all 20.

Fun Facts, wedding decor

With the invention of Pinterest, it can seem difficult to have unique elements at your wedding—especially when you’re in the “marriage and babies” season of life and you are attending a wedding or baby shower every other weekend. Don’t get discouraged; find what you love and make it yours!


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