The Bloody Break-Up {Unforgettable Moments}

I will never forget…my “worst” break-up.


Setting: Seattle, September 2008 (yes, it has taken 5 years for me to find this story amusing).

Characters: I can’t decide if I should use real names…We’ll call him Jeff.

Background: Jeff and I dated for two years. After a summer apart and a month long tour of Ireland with a group of fellow Business School students, it was pretty apparent that we were headed in different directions and needed to call the relationship quits.


Obviously these sort of break ups can get emotional, and the cold I picked up on the airplane was raging full force, resulting in what I thought was a continuous stream of tears and snot.

Super attractive.

It was a few minutes before I looked down and realized that it was not snot. My nose had actually EXPLODED with blood, which now covered not only myself, but also poor Jeff. I could not believe my eyes, and ran to the bathroom, blood dripping on the white carpet the whole way.

Once I got to the bathroom, I immediately locked the door and stood over the sink watching the blood drip down my arms and into the sink. I used a whole box of Kleenex before it stopped, and asked through tears if Jeff would get me more tissues. He had of course been on the other side of the door the whole time, trying to get in to check on me, but I was too mortified, insisting that he “go away!” I finally opened the door just wide enough to grab the extra Kleenex, slam it shut, and eventually clean as much blood as possible from my face, forearms, shirt, jeans, and sink.

After a quick pep talk, I opened the door, grabbed my purse, and tried to flee the scene. Jeff stopped me and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was so embarrassed, especially because THAT was not how I wanted him to remember me. He pulled me back and reassured me that after dating for two years, he had a lot of other things to remember me by.

{He eventually convinced me to stay and we were able to end things on much better terms}


The plus side is, all my life I’ve panicked when asked to share my most embarrassing moment, since I have generally tried to suppress all of those memories. But now I have a go-to! Because the only thing better than a break up story is an embarrassing, bloody, break up story!

Feel free to ease my pain by sharing one of your own embarrassing stories. Remember, vulnerability works best when reciprocated! 🙂

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