The Best Way to Prepare for Weakness

Use your moments of strength to prepare for your moments of weakness

This week at church our pastor was talking about the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness, ending with the famous 3 temptations from satan himself. He pointed out that Jesus was able to stand firm against these temptations because He had dedicated time to studying God’s Word. Even though He was experiencing a time of weakness (as anyone would be after 40 days in a desert), he didn’t crumble, because He had prepared for this moment during his times of strength.

I was thinking about how applicable this is to every area of our lives:

Relational: If we don’t invest in relationships, loving on and investing in people when we can, there will be no one there to help us when we need them.

Spiritual: If we aren’t immersing ourselves in Scripture and Truth just like Jesus did, we may be tempted or deceived when we are caught in a compromising situation.

Emotional: If we don’t believe that we are precious, loved, and full of worth on a daily basis, when the dark days come, we will fall deep into the pit of self doubt and despair.

Physical: I know that personally, if I don’t eat good, nourishing foods every day, my bad days become so much worse. Also, (remember my kayaking trip from earlier this year?), we’ve realized that I have to be very careful with how much I physically exert myself. I know that if I am too hard on my body, I will pay for it. So even when I am feeling good, I have to be careful, so that I don’t push myself into a period of weakness.

Have you seen this play out in your own life? How do you use your times of strength to prepare for your times of weakness?

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