Inland Northwest Food Network Spotlight

Today I want to share some of the articles that I’ve been writing for the Inland Northwest Food Network’s blog, based around their series of cooking classes called “The Seasonal Kitchen: Cooking with the Bounty of the Region.” The goal of the classes is to teach people how to cook delicious, nutritious, locally grown seasonal […]

Coming to Terms with “My Thing”

I have a confession: I want to do it all. I look around at my friends and I am very jealous of the awesome things that they do—whether it’s selling their cute handmade items on Etsy, getting their artwork featured in a gallery, making an income by re-selling items online, pursuing photography…whatever it is they […]

A Field Trip to Taste and See

I went on a field trip this weekend. It was another assignment for the writing class I’m taking. Writer’s block is something that strikes unannounced, and good writers need to know how to beat it. This exercise was intended to get our creative juices flowing, but for me it was so much more. We were […]

Where I’m From

I started an online writing course this week! Even though I’m already behind on my assignments, I’m pretty excited to “discover the power of my voice.” Our first assignment was to craft a “Where I’m From” poem, using memories that arose from a short brainstorming session. I won’t be posting all of my assignments, but […]

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