Select your Style {Day 8}

Now that you have your venue booked, you can pick a theme. The theme of your wedding is pretty important, as it will determine the direction for a lot of elements- like your wedding dress, bridal party attire, invitations, decorations and in some cases even things such as catering, music, etc. Some people get really […]

It’s all about the money {Day 3}

Yesterday I promised you that today’s post would cover the least sexy, yet critical part of planning a wedding. Without further ado, today I bring you: Budgeting! I’ve heard that the number one thing married couples fight about is money, and I believe it. It’s tricky, and it will be ESPECIALLY tricky during this season. […]

Apple Brides

My dear Laszlo and I celebrated a whole 2 months of marriage last week! I cannot believe how time has flown by. We have now been married for a full 25% of our relationship! Craziness! In honor of this milestone {ok, so maybe it was more of a coincidence…}, our wedding was featured on Apple Brides, […]

Link Love

♥ ♥ ♥ Sometimes I think the Internet can read my mind. Every time I think I should write about a certain topic, I come across someone who has already mastered the subject. So instead of repeating their words, I direct you to their wonderful works: ♥ The Good Man Checklist Although most of the time I struggle […]

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