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Going Social {Day 9}

I remember reading this post written by my friend Emily long before I was thinking of planning a wedding. I liked her ideas on how to #hashtag your wedding, and since I’ve been campaigning to bring Idaho up on the times when it comes to social media, it made sense to go ahead and get social […]

Select your Style {Day 8}

Now that you have your venue booked, you can pick a theme. The theme of your wedding is pretty important, as it will determine the direction for a lot of elements- like your wedding dress, bridal party attire, invitations, decorations and in some cases even things such as catering, music, etc. Some people get really […]

Give and Take {Day 6}

  If you’ve started the wedding planning process, you’ve probably already learned a very important lesson: Compromise.  ♥ ♥ ♥ I have always hated being pushed out onto the dance floor for the bouquet toss; It was really the bane of my existence as a single person at weddings. I just don’t understand why people insist on stopping the […]

Seek Wise Counsel {Day 5}

One of the easiest wedding planning decisions for us was WHO would marry us. I’ve known Sam, the young adult pastor at our church, since I first moved to Idaho 3 years ago. He tricked me into being a youth leader; we led a mission trip to Denver together; we launched into college/young adult ministry […]

Timing is Everything {Day 4}

One of the first things I Googled after getting engaged was “wedding checklist.” I found many links to wedding planning sites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire, all of which allowed me to enter my wedding date and produced a customized timeline for me. The only problem was that most of these sites are designed […]

Soak It In {Day 2}

The first piece of engagement advice I have for you is going to be the hardest to live out: Relax and Enjoy. I know that you will hear those words from a lot of people, and you will wonder if it is possible. In fact, I remember a few distinct instances where people told me “just soak […]

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