wedding planning

Cut a Rug {Day 21}

We spent a lot of time picking the music for our wedding, and I’m not sure it was worth it. We were adamant that dancing be a big part of our wedding. Turns out the best way to get a crowd on the dance floor is if the bride and groom are out there themselves…and […]

We are family {Day 17}

As I mentioned earlier in the series, family involvement in the wedding was very important for us. Plus our wedding was so DIY-heavy, it would not have happened without the help of our families. In fact, I may have taken advantage of my in-laws… from storing and hauling all of our wedding supplies, spending HOURS […]

Coordination {Day 16}

Finding a coordinator for your wedding day is CRUCIAL. I’m not talking wedding planner—although that would have been nice, I did all the planning myself because, well, I’m crazy. But I knew I needed someone who could keep all the volunteers in line and on task and make sure my wedding day went off without […]

The Groom’s Role {Day 15}

I have heard that this can be unusual, but I had a groom who actually wanted to help with the wedding planning! He didn’t have an interest in things like making invitations, designing the website, or coming up with centerpiece ideas, but he did what he could- including making phone calls, coordinating contracts, importing our […]

Get Away {Day 14}

We went back and forth about whether or not we would take a full blown honeymoon right after the wedding. Our wedding date coincided with a crazy time at work for me, and I really didn’t have a lot of vacation time accrued yet, so I suggested a little weekend getaway somewhere nearby, followed by […]

Capture the Moment {Day 12}

The most frequent piece of advice I was given regarding wedding planning was to shell out the extra money for a good photographer, because as the years pass and your memory gets foggy, the photos are all you have to remember such an important day. I took that advice and hired Looyenga Photography for our […]

Say Yes to the Dress {Day 11}

Ok ladies, it’s time to find a dress! I’m not sure I have much advice when it comes to this task; in some ways it feels like it just sort of happened to me. But I can at least share about my experience! ♥♥♥ I have always loved the dress that my mom wore 30+ […]

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