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Giving Thanks {Day 30}

When we got engaged, I was most excited for two things: 1. Pre marital counseling. 2. Writing thank you notes. What can I say? My mama raised me on thank you notes. I send a lot of hand written notes in my job, and recently I’ve had a lot of feedback from people- you’d be […]

Roll with it {Day 29}

My goal was to not be a bride-zilla. Luckily that’s about as far away from my natural personality as you can get, so I think it’s safe to say I achieved my goal. I think the key was remembering that my end goal was to be married. If at the end of the day that […]

Pinspiration {Day 28}

There are a lot of places to get inspiration for your wedding day. Although I can see how bridal fairs and magazines could be of assistance to people who have a lot of time to plan their weddings, I did not find them helpful at all. I had already made up my mind on a […]

Practice Makes Perfect {Day 26}

I strongly recommend having a rehearsal. At first it seemed like a funny concept to me- why do we have to practice getting married? Doesn’t that take some of the specialness out of it? I don’t want it to be a performance! But it turns out there are a lot of things you need to […]

Make it Special {Day 25}

Let’s talk about what I shall call the “special elements” of a wedding. Examples: unity candle, unity sand, unity {insert popular item here}, communion, foot washing, scripture readings, non-scriptural readings, family prayers, etc. These were the easy wedding planning decisions for me, because I knew exactly what I didn’t want. Some people choose to have […]

Deck the halls {Day 24}

When it came to decorations for our wedding, we were blessed with a beautiful venue that really could have stood on it’s own {have you seen that chandelier?!} and a wonderful friend who is amazingly creative and whose style is very similar to mine who agreed to handle the decorations at our wedding. My biggest […]

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