Tools for a Successful 2018

Christmas has come and gone, and we’re almost through my favorite week of the year. Packing away the Christmas decorations, deep cleaning and purging the house, and organizing and planning for the year ahead. The new year always brings a new slate, and this year feels extra special. I turn the big 3-0 on December […]

New Resolutions

Well, I jinxed myself. This always happens— I tell someone how great I have been doing and how I can now eat whatever without any reactions…and then the next day I have a reaction. Last week my hand was swollen for the first time in a loooong time with no apparent trigger, which is very […]

What Went Well in 2016

It’s convenient that my birthday is the last day of the year, because those reflections on the past year and dreams for the year ahead line up perfectly with the start of the new calendar. There are all sorts of ways to have these conversations, and I’ve used many different methods in the past. Jenny […]

Summer Resolutions

♥♥♥ Hey guys! Guess what?! I got married! I cannot believe it. I especially cannot believe it because it went a little something like this: November 15- Go on a date November 18- Start a new full time job November 27- Officially start dating February 28- Engaged! May 31- Married! June 2- Honeymoon in Mexico […]


A few weeks ago after Thursday night supper, a group of friends sat in our living room. While discussing upcoming birthdays, one of the guys looked at me, face lit up, and enthusiastically asked if I always have really awesome new years resolutions, because my birthday is on New Years Eve. Apparently the fact that […]

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