Meal Planning Monday: Thanksgiving Edition

We’re taking the divide and conquer approach to Thanksgiving dinner this year—which really means I put on my bossy pants, made the menu, and then dictated responsibilities to my siblings. Here’s what we’re having: Smoked Turkey Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Milk Mixed Green Salad with Feta, Pecans and Citrus Dressing Homemade Cranberry Sauce Strawberry […]

Condiment Round Up

Much like salad dressings, commercially available condiments are a large source of hidden sugars, trans fats, and unnecessary food additives. When I began my research on fermented foods, I discovered that condiments used to have a very important role in the diet. Fermented chutneys, sauerkrauts, ketchups and other condiments provided the needed probiotics to keep […]

The Benefits of Fermented Foods

Let’s talk about the micro biome. The micro biome is the name for the millions of microorganisms that are living within you. These organisms are found on your skin, in your mucus membranes, inside your mouth, and the majority of them are in your gut. They outnumber human cells 10:1, which means they are very important […]

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