Real Food

No Sugar November

In November of 2013 my roommates and I decided to embark on an adventure known as “No Sugar November.” This was before my real food journey began, but I could tell that my body was feeling the weight of all my sugar consumption, and we were all dragging a bit, so we decided to give […]

Recipe: Easy Homemade Yogurt (Using a Crockpot)

Before starting my real food journey, I never even considered that it would be possible to make your own yogurt at home, and it definitely wasn’t something I wanted to do. After switching to real food, however, I started paying more attention to labels, and I discovered that even the organic, plain yogurts had added sugars […]

What Should I Drink?

Making dietary changes can be quite overwhelming, so as we dive into the meat of the series I thought I would start with an important but easy-to-implement practice: Drinking Water! Why should you drink water? Your body is made up of 60% water. But things like sweating, urinating, breathing, and digestion cause fluid loss. It’s […]

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