Real Food

The Benefits of Fermented Foods

Let’s talk about the micro biome. The micro biome is the name for the millions of microorganisms that are living within you. These organisms are found on your skin, in your mucus membranes, inside your mouth, and the majority of them are in your gut. They outnumber human cells 10:1, which means they are very important […]

Meatless Monday and Traditionally Prepared Foods

After reading Project Animal Farm I realized that as a society, we consume way too much meat. It’s the high demand that we place on the manufacturers that have led to the appalling practices of conventional agriculture. I think there are very important health benefits that come with eating meat and therefore it shouldn’t be avoided altogether, […]

A Guest Post and A Giveaway!

Happy Friday! Yesterday I shared about how I am finding emotional healing in my kitchen. Today I have a guest post featured on Kindred Grace’s “A Peek Into My Kitchen” series where I share more about the physical healing I found in my kitchen (and the 26 years it took me to get there!). I would […]

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