A New Season

Not too long ago I wrote about the different Seasons of Life. Shortly after that, I entered a new season, as I submitted notice of resignation from my job at the college. It’s an amazing job with wonderful benefits and even better co-workers, which made it a very bittersweet decision. But it was a year in […]

Fighting the Battle Together

Sometimes it feels like life is a battlefield. We’re all fighting different wars, but as a Christian, I believe the wars waging against us are strong. We are constantly fighting attacks from the idols that can so quickly take over our lives—whether it’s status, money, approval or a myriad of other temptations. I’m new to […]

Give and Take {Day 6}

  If you’ve started the wedding planning process, you’ve probably already learned a very important lesson: Compromise.  ♥ ♥ ♥ I have always hated being pushed out onto the dance floor for the bouquet toss; It was really the bane of my existence as a single person at weddings. I just don’t understand why people insist on stopping the […]

Seek Wise Counsel {Day 5}

One of the easiest wedding planning decisions for us was WHO would marry us. I’ve known Sam, the young adult pastor at our church, since I first moved to Idaho 3 years ago. He tricked me into being a youth leader; we led a mission trip to Denver together; we launched into college/young adult ministry […]

It’s all about the money {Day 3}

Yesterday I promised you that today’s post would cover the least sexy, yet critical part of planning a wedding. Without further ado, today I bring you: Budgeting! I’ve heard that the number one thing married couples fight about is money, and I believe it. It’s tricky, and it will be ESPECIALLY tricky during this season. […]

Soak It In {Day 2}

The first piece of engagement advice I have for you is going to be the hardest to live out: Relax and Enjoy. I know that you will hear those words from a lot of people, and you will wonder if it is possible. In fact, I remember a few distinct instances where people told me “just soak […]

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