What I’m Reading (Detox Edition)

I’m sure detoxing is the last thing on your mind as we are right in the center of this frequent period of gluttony better known as the holidays. BUT come January 1, many people will be reflecting on their choices during this season and start thinking about how they can reboot their system and get […]

How I Accidentally Became Paleo

If you follow me on instagram or you’ve read any of my book reviews lately, you’ve probably noticed the word “paleo” popping up quite a bit. So I thought it time for a little confession: I accidentally became paleo. Q: “How do you know if someone is Paleo?” A: “They’ll tell you.” My husband told […]

Healing Together

It’s very easy to feel alone, especially when you’re going through hard times. In the last few weeks as I’ve shared about leaving my job and now my seemingly never-ending health journey, it has been amazing to see the number of people step out and say “me too.” I am not sure why it surprises […]

A Health Update

Last week I shared about how crummy I was feeling after my first kayaking trip. I’m feeling much better now, but unfortunately things got worse before they got better. I ended the week with a horrible pain in my back, a tingling arm and all around tense muscles as I tried to compensate for the […]

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