A Year of Retirement

I celebrated my one year “retirement” anniversary last week. It’s crazy to think that it’s been a year since I stopped working, but it’s also awesome to see how much things have changed! Last year I had been hoping for a baby for 6 months. This year I have been growing a baby for 6 […]

One Word: HOPE

If you’ve been around the blogosphere or on social media the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen people talking about picking their “one word” for the year. The idea is that instead of setting goals or making resolutions, you pick one word to focus on as the theme that will guide your year. I still […]

Healing Together

It’s very easy to feel alone, especially when you’re going through hard times. In the last few weeks as I’ve shared about leaving my job and now my seemingly never-ending health journey, it has been amazing to see the number of people step out and say “me too.” I am not sure why it surprises […]

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