To the Women

Today was my first Mother’s Day without my mom, and it was a lot harder than I expected it to be. For someone who is not a mother, I never imagined how much I would appreciate flowers, cards, and “thinking of you” texts on Mother’s Day. I could use this space to write something about […]

Halloween {Unforgettable Moments}

I will never forget…my favorite halloween costume  ♥♥♥ I’ve had many great Halloween costumes over the years… Minnie Mouse (once when I was little, once when I was big) Electric Ballerina Turtle Dragon Spice Girls (twice when I was big) Jessie from Toy Story An Elf Toby the Turtle from Disney’s Robin Hood…. But my […]

Deputation, Part II {Unforgettable Moments}

I will never forget…Deputation Announcement Night ♥♥♥ (Read part I of this life changing adventure…)  ♥♥♥ I had submitted my application, ranked my ministry site preferences*, interviewed with the committee, and attended the three pre-selection meetings where the committee had us do different activities in order to observe our strengths and interactions with the other […]

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