Storms over Detroit

Two years ago, I sat in a Chili’s inside the Detroit Airport, waiting for an update from my sister, who was at the hospital in Yakima, while my mom was having her second brain surgery. The plan was to go in and remove the metastatic tumor they had spotted on the ultrasound/MRI, with the expectation […]

To the Women

Today was my first Mother’s Day without my mom, and it was a lot harder than I expected it to be. For someone who is not a mother, I never imagined how much I would appreciate flowers, cards, and “thinking of you” texts on Mother’s Day. I could use this space to write something about […]

Practice Makes Perfect {Day 26}

I strongly recommend having a rehearsal. At first it seemed like a funny concept to me- why do we have to practice getting married? Doesn’t that take some of the specialness out of it? I don’t want it to be a performance! But it turns out there are a lot of things you need to […]

We are family {Day 17}

As I mentioned earlier in the series, family involvement in the wedding was very important for us. Plus our wedding was so DIY-heavy, it would not have happened without the help of our families. In fact, I may have taken advantage of my in-laws… from storing and hauling all of our wedding supplies, spending HOURS […]

IBC {Unforgettable Moments}

I will never forget…my mom’s battle with cancer  ♥♥♥ It was the end of summer in 2010. My boyfriend had just returned from two months in Haiti, and I was wrapping up my internship at Camp Berachah, about to head off to Ireland for the following year. We were determined to spend our last two […]

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