Moving and Mourning

I had a really hard time with the decision to sell our house. Like most major decisions, I dug my heels in and wondered why the heck my husband wanted to move things along so quickly. And then I made a list. The usual pro/con list, but also a list of all my fears. It […]

Things I’m Into…

#OperationWildThings- I finally went to the doctor about a month ago, and found out I am extremely deficient when it comes to things like essential minerals, nutrients, and protein (i.e. scary “we’ve never seen anyone with such low readings” deficiency). To increase my numbers I’m on a new diet which includes lots of organic meat, fruits, […]

Movin’ on Up

Exciting news! Today I begin a new job! It is not a COMPLETELY new job, as I have been filling in as interim Alumni Relations Coordinator for the past three months, but today I start in the permanent, full time position of Alumni Relations and Development Coordinator. It has been a long road, full of […]

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