2016 Financial Goals

I recently got a new computer. Previously I was working on my 7 year old MacBook Pro. Considering the fact that it was 7 years old, it was actually in really good condition, but man was it SLOW. The battery was also 7 years old, and it got to the point where the whole computer […]

Adjustments and Preparations for Switching to Real Food

Yesterday I talked about why I am passionate about eating real food, but today I’m going to talk about some of the physical and mental adjustments that need to be made in order to be successful in this lifestyle. Shopping One of the hardest adjustments for me was going grocery shopping at least once a week. I […]

A New Season

Not too long ago I wrote about the different Seasons of Life. Shortly after that, I entered a new season, as I submitted notice of resignation from my job at the college. It’s an amazing job with wonderful benefits and even better co-workers, which made it a very bittersweet decision. But it was a year in […]

It’s all about the money {Day 3}

Yesterday I promised you that today’s post would cover the least sexy, yet critical part of planning a wedding. Without further ado, today I bring you: Budgeting! I’ve heard that the number one thing married couples fight about is money, and I believe it. It’s tricky, and it will be ESPECIALLY tricky during this season. […]

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