Surround yourself with friends {Day 13}

Keep Calm and Pick Your Party

It took us a long time to decide who to have standing next to us on our special day. You want people who will still be in your life 20 years down the road, people who have been with you through thick and thin. Laszlo and I both have such wonderful friends from all different stages of our life, but we chose to surround ourselves with family. To quote Baz Luhman- family is “the best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.” Family is very important to us, and we wanted our wedding to be a time that was really all about bringing our two families together. We also knew it would be a great opportunity for them to spend time together and get to know each other better.


You don’t want to spend your wedding day fussing over your bridal party, making sure they’re having fun and have enough people to talk to. Our families hit it off really well when they met at our “I-do-BBQ”, and there were some old connections {like my brother and his cousin having Spanish class together in high school}, so we knew they would be comfortable together.

Little People

If you choose to have “little people” i.e. ring bearer, flower girls, junior bridesmaids, etc., know that they will steal the show. And that’s ok. My 3 year old nephew did a great job of carrying his “Here comes itchy” {his pronunciation of Auntie} sign down the aisle, but once he got up on the stage, he had a hard time standing still. He sang and danced during the hymn, sat down during the vows, and ran down the aisle to his daddy once he got bored. {I watched a video- it was very cute.} He also stole the show at the reception–dancing, eating cake. literally bouncing off walls {probably thanks to the cake}, and letting my cousin mop the floor with his body as he was pulled around the banquet hall. {Hey, It made for some cute pictures!}



I have always liked the idea of having bridesmaids pick their own dresses, but for some reason I got sucked into the wedding planning status quo, and made a trip to David’s Bridal with my sister to pick out their dresses. After she tried on SEVERAL options, I realized that was a lost cause, and slapped myself out of that nonsense. I went home, refreshed my mind by viewing mismatched bridal parties on Pinterest, remembered how much I loved the look, and promptly sent an email with guidelines for selecting their own dresses. They all picked WONDERFUL dresses that I hope they someday get to wear again. I absolutely loved the ‘ombre’ effect, and it went PERFECTLY with the mismatched ties that Laszlo picked for the groomsmen, as well as our whimsical romantic theme. It was a big risk, especially since I didn’t see it all together until we were at the park taking our bridal party photos, but in the end it was the right decision!




Sidenote: I am going to be in a wedding in a few weeks, and the bride has also decided to let us pick our own dresses. I am still contemplating wearing a vintage bridesmaid dress I already had in my closet {epic thrift find} vs. buying a new dress. It’s hard to make that decision when you don’t know what the other bridesmaids will be wearing. So looking at it from that point of view, I maybe would have given my gals a few more guidelines, purely for their own sanity. It can be hard to know what {if anything} the bride has in mind.


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