Summer Resolutions


Hey guys! Guess what?!

I got married!

Photo by Looyenga Photography. More to come soon!

Photo by Looyenga Photography. More to come soon!

I cannot believe it.

I especially cannot believe it because it went a little something like this:

November 15- Go on a date
November 18- Start a new full time job
November 27- Officially start dating
February 28- Engaged!
May 31- Married!
June 2- Honeymoon in Mexico
June 8- Return home and live out of boxes in our temporary apartment
June 15- Leave for two-week work trip on the other side of the country.

It has been QUITE the whirlwind! No wonder it has been quiet on the ol’ blog! But I’m hoping with my new summer resolutions that will all change! I work on an academic calendar, so I feel that gives me an excuse to make resolutions this time of year (and again in August, and again in December).


My summer resolutions include:

1. Start reading again! I am ashamed at the pitiful number of books that I have read this year. Even my sister is whooping on me in the 2014 Goodreads challenge.

2. Start Writing again! I always say that you can tell the state of my life by looking at my bedroom and my journal. My life is currently packed away in boxes, and my journal pages (as well as the blog pages) are extremely bare, which means it’s all in my head, waiting to jump out! Plus once I finish all that reading, I’ll have a lot of book reviews to write.

3. Enjoy summertime with my husband! That should probably be a no-brainer, but so far we have spent as much of our marriage apart as we have together. And since we started dating in the fall, we’ve never actually done summer together. We are really looking forward to settling into our new place and taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities that abound during summer in our hometown.

 ♥ ♥ ♥

I expected to have a lot more time to write while I was away on my work trip. But it turns out I loved the people at the conference (more to come on that), so I wanted to spend my free time hanging out with them, and I felt bad going back to my hotel room at night when there was a new city outside, waiting to be explored!

I’m headed to Washington D.C. now, where I’m guessing my guilt about staying inside will only increase. So it may not be today, tomorrow, or anytime this week, but eventually I will be back! And boy, do I have a lot to share.

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