Soak It In {Day 2}

Relax and EnjoyThe first piece of engagement advice I have for you is going to be the hardest to live out: Relax and Enjoy.

I know that you will hear those words from a lot of people, and you will wonder if it is possible. In fact, I remember a few distinct instances where people told me “just soak it all in, enjoy this season!” and I wanted to punch them in the face {I promise I was not a bride-zilla. This was my only instance of anger and desired violence throughout the process}. There will be SO many decisions, so many projects, so many tasks, to-do lists and errands that you will probably wonder if you will ever survive, and you will definitely wonder if it is all worth it. {For the most part, it is.}

Relax and enjoy is my FIRST tip, because that is when it is the easiest. The first few days are all butterflies and excitement and “I can’t believe this is happening!”

Stare at your beautiful new bling!

Re-tell the proposal story to all your friends and family!

And my life-saving tip: Don’t post it on social media until you are ready. As soon as you do, you will get approximately 200 million likes, comments, texts, and phone calls. Maybe it’s just me, but I had to really prepare myself for that one. I know you will be excited to share the BEST news of your life, but take a little bit of time to enjoy the moment with your sweetie and/or closest family and friends. Because once word gets out, you will immediately get questions, the most common being, “have you set a date yet?” which is a great way to bring on a panic attack! I strongly advise that you politely tell them that you haven’t made any plans, and then take at least 3 days before you do any specific planning! Once the plans get set in motion, it’s hard to slow that train down.


The night we got engaged, my phone had actually died during dinner, so I was physically incapable of making any phone calls until we could get it charged back up {thanks for having my back on that one, God!}. We called immediate family and texted a few friends that night, but other than that, it took us the rest of the weekend to finish our calls, and not until Sunday night did we make it “FBO.” {Facebook Official} We also had to travel to Spokane to get the ring re-sized on Saturday morning so that it would stay on my tiny finger, and I will always cherish that hour we spent staring at each other googly-eyed in Starbucks, re-living and confirming that yes, we were in fact engaged!

Because I was not expecting the proposal, it took me {and my family- except my dad, sneaky sneaky!} more time to process than it did Laszlo. He had been planning it for weeks. {and his whole family knew about it!} Remind your groom of that, if necessary. You may not be as ready to jump into the planning as he will expect you to be.


Throughout your engagement, date nights are a MUST. I remember hearing that and thinking “Yeah right. We have WAY too much to do, and nothing else to talk about.” If the wedding is the only thing you have to talk about, you’re going to have a very LONG, boring marriage. Re-live some of the highlights from your relationships- take a walk to the place you got engaged, hang out with friends who set you up; take time to do things that remind you WHY you fell in love, and remember HOW you got to this place. It will really help you get through the stressful times.


KC Soak it inStaying calm is a tip that will help you throughout the whole process, so you will see it appearing as a common thread in this series. Check back tomorrow to hear about the least sexy {but critical} part of planning a wedding: setting a budget!

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