Showers of Affirmation

showers of affirmation

My sister is pretty notorious for her themed parties. She’s always been one for presentation—as a child preparing boxed meals with fancy garnishes and now as an adult decorating fabulous cakes! So when she decided to throw me a woodland creature themed baby shower, I was pretty excited to see what she would come up with!Baby Shower

She did not disappoint, from the adorable invitations to the pine cone centerpieces, and of course, the amazing food table— tree cupcakes, fox cookies, bear cake pops, a porcupine cheeseball, “mushroom” appetizers, caramel acorns, and s’mores bites!

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I always get a little nervous when it comes to showers, because I’m really not a big fan of party games. Knowing that, my sister took a different approach—instead she had everyone go around and name their favorite quality about me and how that will play into me being a wonderful mom. When she first announced it, I was a bit worried that it would be awkward—for both me and the guests. But it actually wasn’t at all! (for me, anyway…I guess I can’t speak for the guests!) There were several things that people said that I never would’ve thought about myself—and I definitely haven’t spent much time thinking about how my qualities will play into motherhood. I’ve attended lots of showers as a childless woman where you’re forced to give the mother-to-be parenting advice…of which I of course had none. THAT always made me feel awkward. But this was a nice alternative, and I left feeling SO loved.

I joked about wanting someone to write down all of the words of affirmation…and then secretly I came home and scribbled them all down in my journal (the ones I could remember anyway!). I figured on the days that I’m feeling like a horrible parent and wondering what I got myself into, I can pull the list back out and realize that maybe I do have more going for me than I thought.

A few of the qualities mentioned…

  • my love of books and learning
  • the way I intentionally reach out and invest in people
  • my resourcefulness
  • my friendliness
  • my loyalty
  • my enthusiasm
  • my flexibility/adaptability
  • my silliness
  • the deep conversations we’ve had and how it will be important for our children to feel like they can talk with me.
  • not being afraid to say “I don’t know.”
  • being a good listener
  • my openness and vulnerability

I have no idea where my sister got this idea, but I am a huge fan! It may not be for everyone, but since words of affirmation is one of my top love languages, it was the perfect way to shower me and baby Lindszlo with love! I also felt so blessed that day to be surrounded by such a great group of women who know me well and speak truth and love into my life. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I have to say—we’ve got a great one!

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