Roses are Red, Violets are Blue… {Day 22}

Flowers stress me out, how about you?


Flowers were by FAR the biggest stressor of our wedding. I know nothing about flowers, other than they are expensive when you buy them from a florist and they die once I get my hands on them. All my friends insisted that I could “do them myself” {Clearly when they said that they didn’t actually mean that I should do them}, but my friend who actually arranges flowers for fun moved across the country right before Laszlo and I got engaged, and I could think of no one else to delegate the task to. Every time I would talk to my flower-savvy friend I would end up crying {poor girl. I think she took it personally, but really she’s just a good friend–one who you can actually be honest with. She was the only one I let see my stress through the process, which unfortunately came out in tears}.

I thought I wanted hydrangeas, but then I couldn’t find any purple ones sold in bulk, which totally derailed my plans. In our last tear-filled conversation, my friend suggested I get some basic roses for the bouquets and curly willow for the center pieces.

{what is curly willow?!}

{where do they sell curly willow?!}

{how much is curly willow?!}

Finally I got to the point where I didn’t want to worry anymore, so I decided to make paper flowers for the tables, and just get bouquets at the grocery store for the bridal party flowers. I bought a bulk bunch of baby’s breath from Costco as a back-up/filler, mostly because I was in a panic and felt like I needed to have SOMETHING ahead of time.

The paper flowers turned into quite the fiasco. I thought it would be a lot easier than it actually was. I invited a friend over for a craft night, and we started experimenting. My flowers were especially less-than-impressive. After several hours, we only had a couple of viable options. So I called in the in-laws! I shipped the supplies up to Sandpoint with my mother-in-law without any instructions and the reassurance that whatever they could come up with would be great. What they came up with BLEW me away. Apparently there are some really good paper flower tutorials online. And after 12 hours they mastered a few different types of flowers and then spent every spare moment over the next couple of weeks making enough flowers to fill the centrepieces on each of our 20 tables. After the wedding was over they put a few of the centrepieces up for sale in my father-in-law’s store, and people bought them right away! They do good work! {These were the awesome book-page flowers I wrote about here.}Paper Flowers, wedding center pieces

{Remember when I said I may have taken advantage of my in-laws? …Just a few more small tasks for them!}

Come to find out, my sister-in-law did the flower arrangements for her own wedding with the help of a friend, so they were hired for that job! She came down a few days before the wedding, I took the morning off work, and we picked up some great bouquets from local grocers. Fred Meyer even had a buy one get one ½ off coupon, which meant I paid $40 for the flowers that went into the bouquets and boutonnières/corsages for all of the groomsmen and family members. STEAL of a deal.

The "florists" with their whimsical romantic creations

The “florists” with their whimsical romantic creations

Laszlo showing off my bouquet

Laszlo showing off my bouquet

Other great trends I’m loving right now for unique flower alternatives- pinwheels, paper flowers or brooches for bouquets, and leaves, feathers, or trinkets for boutonnieres. Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas.


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