Pregnancy Update {28 weeks}

28 weeks pregnant

I figured it was time for a little pregnancy update, as we head into the third trimester. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by, and as we look at our busy calendar for the rest of the summer we are realizing that baby will be here before we know it!

How I’m Feeling

A lot of people have been asking if I’m still feeling nauseous, but I am one of the lucky ones whose morning sickness stopped after the first trimester. Other than one time when I did not get to breakfast soon enough after taking my prenatals—do NOT take those things on an empty stomach! I’ve had a lot of energy, which I hear is part of the second trimester bliss, but I can feel it fading fast. My belly seems to have expanded quite quickly in the last few weeks, which means I am getting rather uncomfortable. Especially when it comes time to sleep. I think I have finally mastered a system using 5 pillows propped around all sides of my body. I’ve had pretty standard lower back pain, but as long as I keep up my visits to the chiropractor (and don’t work myself too hard) I feel pretty good. I’ve been feeling rather warm lately, which makes me thankful for the very mild summer we’re having. I also have pregnancy rhinitis, which is basically nasal congestion that I imagine is similar to seasonal allergies…made worse when stuck in rooms with fans and circulating air. Once again, thankful for the mild summer. I think my sense of smell is getting a bit more sensitive as well, as I can finally smell all of the things that my husband with the sniffer points out (and then some!)

What I’m Wearing

My bump is growing fast, and I have officially phased out about 90 percent of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. I don’t mind at all, because the closet was getting a little full with my normal wardrobe AND my sister’s huge maternity wardrobe, so it’s a little easier to find things that fit now. The only sad thing is when the maternity clothes get tight! Luckily it’s summer because I’m already having a hard time bending over to put on my socks. Chacos sandals For The Win!

What I’m Eating

LOTS. I get hungry about every hour, but have noticed I can’t eat as much in one sitting. I can tell my care-free diet of the second trimester is coming to a close though, as I have had more food-based reactions to things. Probably for the best anyway, as I want to make sure my gut flora is in tip top shape prior to delivery and my Group B Strep test. Other than wanting very cold beverages, I haven’t had any cravings in awhile, and the things I craved in the first trimester are really not appealing to me now. I actually had a craving for bone marrow the other day, which was strange since I have not even touched bone broth or much offal in the past 6 months. My body must be gearing up for what lies ahead!

Exciting milestones

It seems like all the exciting things happen during the 2nd trimester:

At 17 weeks I felt the first kick, which also happened to be on Mother’s Day weekend. At first I wasn’t sure it was a kick, as many of my friends told me they didn’t feel kicks until much later in pregnancy, but it persisted all weekend so after a couple of days I was confident that was what I was feeling.

We found out at week 23 that baby Lindszlo is a BOY! No one was surprised, as most of the family had already predicted a little one to carry on the family name.

As we head into the third trimester, baby is weighing about 2 lbs and measuring 14 inches from head to toe. That means there’s a lot of growing left!

I took a cloth diapering class and even though I have been excited about using cloth for quite awhile, I am finally feeling more confident that I will figure out all the snaps and styles…especially once I have a real baby to put them on. I also found another friend who cloth diapered her kids and is willing to help me if I have questions!

Looking forward….

We started our Bradley Childbirth Class this week, which we are very excited about! The instructor is also our doula so we are looking forward to getting to know her before delivery.

My prenatal care package came with 7 massages, and I have saved most of them up for the last  trimester, since I figured I would probably be feeling rather uncomfortable.

We may try to squeeze in a quick baby moon before my travel restriction begins, although our summer has already filled up rather quickly so I am sure it will be here before we know it!

We still need to pick a middle name for our little guy.

The nursery still needs a lot of work…and furniture. So far all we have is a bookcase, filled with a few stuffed animals and a couple of books. After we rent our house out at the end of August we will put our focus on getting it all ready for baby!

When I asked Laszlo what is he looking forward to about the third trimester, he said “The baby…isn’t that when it comes?”

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