Practice Makes Perfect {Day 26}

I strongly recommend having a rehearsal. At first it seemed like a funny concept to me- why do we have to practice getting married? Doesn’t that take some of the specialness out of it? I don’t want it to be a performance! But it turns out there are a lot of things you need to know that you don’t think about until you’re standing up there on the stage.

For instance:

  • Is our processional music long enough to get everyone up on stage?
  • What order do the grandparents come in? Where should they wait before their entrance?
  • Where does the groom stand while he waits for his bride?
  • Who cues the mother of the bride to stand upon the bride’s entrance?
  • Where should the bridal party stand? How should they stand? Should the guys put their hands behind them or in front?

The only photo of my brother and I from the wedding weekend! Preparing for line-up during rehearsal.

Our officiant wasn’t able to make it to our rehearsal, so we had to guess at the answers to some of these questions. Luckily everyone was pretty easy to manage and we made it through just fine.

The rehearsal was also an excellent time to do a run through with the musician and audio-master, and provided the opportunity to experiment with the lights a little.

♥ ♥ ♥

My in-laws took care of the rehearsal dinner, which was wonderful! After we decided how many people we would invite the decision was made to host it at a local restaurant which happened to be within walking distance of our venue and the hotels where many of our guests were staying. They put together a great baked potato bar that was perfect for our gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant and vegetarian guests. I’m not quite sure how my in-laws managed to find the time to come up with cute decorations, make beautiful sugar cookies for everyone in attendance, and fully stock a dessert bar amongst all of the wedding day tasks I had delegated to them, but they did it!10401917_10202128231870510_5947343008654477066_n


The amazing in-laws!

Initially we weren’t sure who to invite to the rehearsal dinner. We looked up suggestions online, and asked around to see what general consensus was, but in the end we decided to invite who we wanted to invite {I strongly recommend this tactic when it comes to…everything}. That included friends and family who were involved in the wedding, and all family that arrived from out of town on Friday. Although we knew it would be a big number, we also realized that people were coming a long way to celebrate with us and we probably wouldn’t get to spend much {if any} time with them at the actual wedding. The extra meal together was the perfect opportunity to maximize our time with these guests. It also allowed us an opportunity to thank our families and our attendants for supporting us in this adventure of marriage!

 ♥ ♥ ♥

I suggest sneaking away from the festivities for some alone time in order to keep your sanity before the wedding. For us it was a very short car ride from the venue to the rehearsal dinner site and then to Laszlo’s parents house for the evening, but it was just he and I and it was perfect!


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