Pinspiration {Day 28}

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There are a lot of places to get inspiration for your wedding day. Although I can see how bridal fairs and magazines could be of assistance to people who have a lot of time to plan their weddings, I did not find them helpful at all.

  1. I had already made up my mind on a lot of the vendors who were present at the fair (i.e. venue, dj, dress, etc.). When you’re working on a short time schedule, you have to secure those things right away.
  2. I couldn’t even enjoy the samples because most of them contained gluten. Sad day.
  3. I realized that a lot of the contest winners wouldn’t be announced until long after my wedding day.

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Pinterest seems to be the go-to resource for wedding planning. But once you’ve done the majority of your planning, I advise you to get off Pinterest. Stop looking at dresses. Stop finding DIY projects. Stop sending additional poses to your photographer. The downfall of Pinterest is that it can easily cross the line from helpful to overwhelming. You will ALWAYS be able to find another project to add, but it will only add stress to your life.

I also recommend staying off Pinterest for a while after your wedding. I thought I would NEVER be able to look at a wedding pin again, but I would say a few month hiatus was enough. {Of course once I started this series I continued to add to my wedding board!} I have had enough space to be content with my wedding, to not regret decisions I made, and to not have that “If only I would’ve thought of that” feeling. Give yourself some space and freedom. You won’t regret it.


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