Past, Present and Future {Five Minute Friday}


We serve a God of the past, present, and future. (Five Minute Friday)Linking up with the Five Minute Friday crew again this week for a five minute free write on this week’s prompt: Present!

This week God has been reminding me that He is the God of the past, the present, and the future.

I often find myself wondering WHY? Why am I going through this? Why would God cause this to happen? It usually takes me about ten years to figure out the answer.

I can look back at situations from my past and see exactly what God’s plan was. I see the ways that He has redeemed my mistakes, and I am thankful that He was in charge.

I look to the future and I wonder what it will hold. I worry about silly things. I try to make plans, but I know that inevitably they will change. But it is ok, because He is in charge, and His plans are always better than my own.

The present is the hardest for me. Am I allowing Him to work in my current situation? Am I trusting that He is in control? He is never-changing. Which means I can trust His promises. As I look back on my past, I am very thankful for the promises He has fulfilled, because they remind me of the wonderful blessings to come and the ways they are being carried out right in this very moment.

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