One Word: HOPE

If you’ve been around the blogosphere or on social media the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen people talking about picking their “one word” for the year. The idea is that instead of setting goals or making resolutions, you pick one word to focus on as the theme that will guide your year. I still plan to set goals, because that really worked for me in 2015. But this year, my goals have been set with my one word in mind.

I used to say that I didn’t pick my word, it usually ended up picking me. This year I’m feeling a little more proactive and in control, and I’ve decided to focus on the word Hope. At first I thought my word would be “healing” because that has been, and will continue to be my focus during this stage of my journey. But “healing” didn’t really inspire me. That’s my day-to-day life, and to be honest, although it is what I hope to achieve this year, it’s not what I want to structure my life around (that happens on it’s own whether I like it or not). I thought harder, and realized that without hope, you can’t have healing. So I am shooting for that! Plus, it’s all too easy to give up hope when you’re suffering with illness and grief and all of those things, and I have seen tiny bits of hopelessness trying very subtly to slip into our lives lately. I want it gone!

So here’s to 2016—my year of hope!

Hope: My #oneword for 2016!

Have you picked “one word” for 2016?

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