On Silence

Since joining the blogosphere, I’ve come to realize there are several reasons why bloggers take hiatuses. But among my fellow Christian bloggers, it seems to come down to one of two scenarios:

1. Their lives have become so busy and frantic that they haven’t had time to stop and think about what God is doing in their lives, not to mention finding the time to write about it.

2. Being all too in-tune and familiar with the stirrings of the Lord, but not having the words necessary to begin describing it.

Although I am all too familiar with the former, my most recent silence falls into the second category. God has been revealing things to me that I was not expecting; He has been touching places in my heart that have been closed off for a long time. Although I did not stop writing, I did stop posting, because there comes a time when it’s too intimate to share with the world. And one of the many things He’s been teaching me has been about the ever-so-complex “guarding of the heart.” {I’m guessing being cautious about what you post on the internet most definitely falls into that category}

As I look towards the quickly approaching fall & winter, I see my schedule already filling up and I worry that I will soon fall back into the first category. But my hope is that I will continue to grow in these difficult places, find victory over the sin in my life, and ultimately be able to process through it all via my writing.

I’m looking forward to participating in the 31 Day Challenge this October, even though I am slightly intimidated and haven’t yet settled on a topic. And maybe eventually I’ll even decide it’s time to share from the many pages I wrote this summer.

♥ Thanks for the prayers, my friends! God is Great!

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