Coming to Terms with “My Thing”

I have a confession:

I want to do it all.

I look around at my friends and I am very jealous of the awesome things that they do—whether it’s selling their cute handmade items on Etsy, getting their artwork featured in a gallery, making an income by re-selling items online, pursuing photography…whatever it is they are doing, I want to do it too.

But I can’t.

Everyone has their thing. It’s the thing they are good at, the thing that they are passionate about, the thing that God has specifically gifted them for. The thing that they would do for the rest of their lives without being paid because they love it so much.

Not only am I lusting after other people’s “thing,” but I am taking lots of different people’s “things” and combining them into one crazy amazing woman who doesn’t exist. My friend who sells things on Etsy doesn’t have time to visit thrift stores to find items to sell online because she’s busy crafting! My friend who has a small photography business isn’t decorating cakes for people because she’s too busy brushing up on new photography skills, honing her craft.

No one can do it all.

So I’m going to stop stressing about the fact that I don’t have delicious baked goods to serve every time someone comes to our house (because we ALL know that is not my thing). I’m going to quit burdening myself with expectations that I will never be able to meet. Instead I’m going to occasionally do the things that I enjoy—like crafting, cooking, and reading. But I am going to invest the majority of my time into my writing. Because that is my thing.

What is your thing? Do you ever try to take someone else’s thing on as your own?

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