My Role as the Utility Player

My brother was a big Batman fan growing up. We had the movies, the action figures, the bubble bath, the board game, and of course—the infamous birthday party! I remember hearing a lot about Batman’s “utility belt” because it seemed he used it for everything, although I never quite knew what it was.

Fast forward 20 years and I heard my co-workers refer to someone as a “utility player” because they were always willing to help, no matter what the task—a sort of jack of all trades.

I’ve been struggling lately with finding my purpose. Not in a super dramatic “what is my life purpose” sort of sense, I know what that is. I just couldn’t seem to find my role in this season. My husband always talks about my Strengths Finder strength of “belief”, because apparently we “believers” always have to be doing something that we find great purpose in. I also have the spiritual gift of “helps,” which mostly means I stack chairs, but I suppose can be expanded to include anything that helps people…as the name suggests. It’s why I worked in the religious and then non-profit sectors. (which are apparently the top places to find ISFJ personality types)

So when I left my job to focus on my health, it began to feel like my whole day was focused around ME. It was something that I really wasn’t used to and left me feeling rather guilty. And yet I wasn’t ready to sign up for a big volunteer commitment, mostly because I knew that I needed this time to rest and heal.

And then it hit me. In this season, I AM the utility player. Whether it’s cooking meals for family and friends, visiting people in the hospital, or watching a friend’s baby so she can have some uninterrupted time of her own. I have the time and the flexible schedule to be there for those who need me. I may not be saving the world, but building community and helping those in need is something that I can believe in. I guess you can call me Bat-Woman.

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