Movin’ on Up

new job

Exciting news! Today I begin a new job! It is not a COMPLETELY new job, as I have been filling in as interim Alumni Relations Coordinator for the past three months, but today I start in the permanent, full time position of Alumni Relations and Development Coordinator.

It has been a long road, full of hopes, fears, frustrations and joys. But today has arrived. I am looking forward to the approximately 3 foot move into my new office (complete with a door AND window!), but most of all I am looking forward to taking on new responsibilities. I am still a little unsure of what EXACTLY I will be doing (partially because we are restructuring things, and partially because after working in this department for a year, I know that things are always changing), but it will involve a lot of event planning, marketing, volunteer coordination, and of course fundraising.

I am so blessed to be able to stay in the same department, working with the co-workers I have come to love like family. I also feel blessed to be in a position that so clearly aligns with my passions and skills set. Exciting things are coming, that is for sure!

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