Meal Planning Monday {Thursday Edition}

Healthy Eating Meal Plan

I’ve really been meaning to post more meal plans (and I promise I wrote this on Monday…), but my scattered brain has been writing things (like meal plans and grocery lists) on tiny scraps of paper which get lost or thrown away, and right now if it doesn’t get written down, it’s out of my mind for good. I finally made a note in my phone of what we actually ate so I could get back on it! As I mentioned in a recent post, since the move, things have been a little helter-skelter, but we are working on developing a routine! Here’s what we ate last week (don’t ask me what I had PLANNED on us eating—I know it changed, but I have no recollection of what the original plan was)

Mondayleftovers (what kind of leftovers, you ask? I have no idea, because I didn’t write the previous week’s menu down. Apparently it wasn’t memorable, but I’m sure it was delicious)

TuesdayBBQ chicken, potatoes, green salad

I got a good deal on some chicken “grill packs”…but we learned that we don’t actually know how to grill chicken. So it ended up being finished off in the oven, and we ate our meal in stages—salad first, then french fries, and once the baby was bathed and in bed, the chicken was ready. #reallife

Wednesday leftover chicken, salad, cantaloupe (picnic)

My goal for this summer is to have picnics on Wednesdays! We packed up our leftover chicken, some salads, and the best cantaloupe I have ever had in my entire life and ate a quick dinner in the park (because the wind picked up and it got really cold really fast)

ThursdayShepherds Pie

I signed up as part of a meal train to bring shepherds pie to a friend whose house caught on fire last week (so sad!), and doubling the recipe meant we got to eat the deliciousness for dinner too. I even made us a tiny crisp as an after dinner treat.


Finished off the shepherds pie

Saturdaysalmon chowder with sourdough, dinner out

My dad and stepmom came to visit us for the weekend so our family hit the farmer’s market in the morning, where we picked up two of the most delicious loaves of sourdough bread. When we got home I whipped up a big pot full of salmon chowder to eat with the kalamata olive sourdough bread (and heaps and heaps of butter…seriously I think we went through a whole stick). We ate dinner out in celebration of Father’s Day.


We used our loaf of potato rosemary sourdough bread to make orange vanilla french toast on Sunday morning. I’ve been working on my french toast game, and my husband told me that I have finally perfected it (recipe coming soon?). He fried up a package of Hempler’s bacon, which is nomnomnom good. For lunch, we went to my sister’s for a father’s day/ birthday celebration for my brother-in-law. We brought a simple fruit salad, made with two bananas, one apple, and about a cup of frozen blueberries, mixed with two scoops of plain greek yogurt. It was pretty good! Leftover soup and bread for dinner.

Hopefully I remember to post next week because I have been pretty excited about what we’ve been eating this week!

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