Meal Planning Monday (Post Holiday Reset)

A clean eating meal plan to get you back on track after the holiday treats. #aip #paleo

I’m guessing (hoping) I’m not the only one who went a little cray-cray on the holiday treats. I think that I shall call this week my “post-holiday reset.” I’ll be back to strict AIP next week (taking over the @autoimmunepaleo Instagram account! Holla!) and meeting with my doctor later this week to re-evaluate my nutritional plan, so I figured I better ease myself back in with a cleaner menu this week.

In my initial post on meal planning I shared my strategy of planning dinners but leaving breakfast and lunch open for those “on a whim” meals. This works when I am sticking to my clean eating habits, but oh man has it been hard to do this lately. Instead I find myself walking through the kitchen, grabbing a handful of nuts, stopping back by for a few dates (or pieces of fudge, depending on what I’ve been making), and then eating several bowls of yogurt and granola (which does not bode well for someone who is usually dairy and grain free). The vegetables have been few and far between, and I can feel it! So this week I knew I would have to resort to some drastic measures–strict three meals a day planning!

Here’s the plan:


Breakfast: yogurt, granola, fruit

Lunch: salad with tuna and hummus

Dinner: pork chops with baked sweet potato, sauteed greens, and coleslaw

Snack: banana with almond butter


Breakfast: grapefruit, sauteed greens and pork chop

Lunch: chicken stir fry with white rice

Dinner: chicken apple sausages with mashed parsnips and salad

Snack: green smoothie


Breakfast: grapefruit and chicken apple sausage

Lunch: salad with tuna

Dinner: leftovers

Snack: hummus and veggies


Breakfast: gluten free birthday waffle with berries

Lunch: Birthday Lunch- TBD

Dinner: TBD

Snack: Green Smoothie


Breakfast: green smoothie

Lunch: salad with tuna

Dinner: liver balls with parsnips and sauteed greens

Snack: fruit with almond butter


Breakfast: yogurt, granola and fruit

Lunch: salad with liver balls

Dinner: shepherd’s pie (with mashed parsnip topping) and salad

Snack: nuts and probiotic fruit gummies


Breakfast: shepherd’s pie

Lunch: roast chicken and veg

Dinner: leftovers

Snack: green smoothie


As you can see, there are still some birthday treats on this menu, and I will continue to eat things like the yogurt and granola until they are used up…but it’s a great start compared to what I have been eating!

How did you manage with the holiday treats? Do you have any health related goals for the New Year?




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