Meal Planning Monday (Christmas Traditions)

Meal Planning Monday-Christmas Traditions. What our family eats for Christmas and how this year will be different!The first tradition my husband and I started while dating was to go to Wendy’s after the Christmas Eve service. Since then we have cut fast food out of our diets and my reactions to “off limits” foods seem to be getting more and more severe, so we decided that instead of feeling miserable on Christmas, this may be the year to switch up our traditions.

In preparation for this year’s festivities, my sister and I were discussing our traditional Christmas Eve dinners growing up. We seem to remember things very differently—I remember a formal dinner prepared by our mom, complete with fancy dishes (since we always spent Christmas Day at our grandparent’s house), my sister remembers pizza. Maybe we should ask our brother what he remembers. Either way I knew we would need something different this year—because I don’t have the time or energy to make a fancy dinner amongst all the rest of the holiday preparations, and I cannot eat pizza. My friends have a tradition of doing chili on Christmas Eve, which I think is great because it is an easy meal you can prepare ahead of time, but it is still cozy and filling—exactly what you want on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately I cannot have beans, tomatoes, or peppers, so chili is out this year as well.

So instead we’ve invited family over on Christmas Eve and I will be making pulled pork sandwiches! It may be more reminiscent of a summer cookout, but I think it will be the perfect no-fuss, AIP compliant Christmas Eve Meal. Plus we have lots of pork from the ½ hog that we ordered this year!

Christmas Eve Menu

I had originally planned to master paleo cinnamon rolls, but I don’t think that will be in the cards this year. Instead I will be bringing my homemade yogurt and pumpkin granola to Christmas breakfast. Our contribution to Christmas dinner will be bacon wrapped green beans and possibly an AIP dessert so that I am not tempted by the wonderful cookies and treats that are my mother-in-law’s specialty.

If you’re still planning your Christmas menu, you can check out my Free Guide to Surviving the Holidays with Food Sensitivities for some tips and allergy-friendly recipes!

What are your Christmas traditions?

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