Make it Special {Day 25}

Let’s talk about what I shall call the “special elements” of a wedding. Examples: unity candle, unity sand, unity {insert popular item here}, communion, foot washing, scripture readings, non-scriptural readings, family prayers, etc.

These were the easy wedding planning decisions for me, because I knew exactly what I didn’t want. Some people choose to have EVERYTHING, which I don’t recommend. Although your wedding should be about you, you also have to remember that there are a lot of people who are sitting through your ceremony, and it is very easy to cross the line and lose their attention. I would suggest picking one or two of these special elements; that way the significance isn’t lost and the guests are not bored out of their mind.

Remember to designate someone to get the necessary materials for whatever elements you do choose to have, whether it be bread and wine or a bucket full of warm water and towels.


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