Location, Location, Location {Day 7}


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Once you get engaged, people will start asking you right away if you’ve set a date. But you can’t set a date until you find a venue!

Things to consider when you start this process:

  • Do you want to have the ceremony and reception inside, outside? At the same place or different locations?
  • How many people do you expect to attend?
  • Do you want a place that is full service, all-inclusive or will allow you the freedom to diy?
  • Where will the wedding be? (bride/groom’s hometown, current place of residence, destination wedding)

We had some friends who had an outside wedding at 3pm {hottest time of the day} in the middle of August {hottest month of the year}, and the groomsmen wore full tuxes. Please think about your friends and family who will be at the wedding, and make good choices!

venue scouting

Our Venue

I love this photo of us scouting venues, because it looks like we are in high school- me with my notebook and Laszlo holding his yearbook. In reality, we are standing in the old halls of the original Sandpoint High School. That notebook in my arm- full of questions to ask the venue manager. The yearbook? Well, it really is a yearbook- chronicling the remodel of the high school into this beautiful new venue. They gave us a souvenir copy which now sits on the bookshelf in our living room.

We got married at the beautiful Sandpoint Business and Event Center, and the choice was really a no-brainer for us. I had a work event at this venue in October of 2013 {before I was even thinking about dating Laszlo}. While taking a tour of the facilities, I told my co-workers “isn’t this place beautiful?! It would be a great venue for a wedding!” They looked at me like I was crazy, but I told them to not worry, I would invite them to the festivities. A month later, when Laszlo and I started dating, they remembered my comment, thought it was funny that he happened to be from Sandpoint, and asked if I was planning the wedding yet. Fast forward another couple of months to when I apparently had a dream that Laszlo and I were planning an event together at the Sandpoint Center. I, of course, felt the need to tell him about said dream as we drove by the Center on our way to meet his parents for the first time. So when he proposed in February and it was time to pick a venue, he said “Lindsay. You had a dream about it. Your dream can come true!” And he immediately made an appointment for us to check it out.


There are lots of elements that go into choosing a venue, and I suggest you make a list of important questions to ask when you go for a site visit. Here are some things to include:

  • What are the rental fees?
  • How long is the rental?
  • Extra charge for rehearsal?
  • When can we get in for rehearsal?
  • What is included? (chairs, tables, linens, etc.)
  • Look at sound system
  • Ask to see chairs, tables, etc. (whatever is provided)
  • How many people can fit?
  • How many people allowed before required extra staffing?
  • Deposits? How much? Non-refundable?
  • Any restrictions? (some churches don’t allow dancing, some cities have curfews for music, etc.)
  • What type of insurance is needed? What is covered?
  • Allowed to bring in own food? Alcohol?
  • Is our date available?

REVIEW THE CONTRACT- and keep a copy!

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