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Sometimes I think the Internet can read my mind. Every time I think I should write about a certain topic, I come across someone who has already mastered the subject. So instead of repeating their words, I direct you to their wonderful works:

♥ The Good Man Checklist

Although most of the time I struggle with black and white “checklists” for relationships, I thought this one was really good. And, it’s not just for men!

♥ Modesty Talks

It seems like modesty debates are ruling the Internet these days. I usually try to avoid the controversy, so this guest post (which pokes fun at the extremes) seemed like a breath of fresh air. I definitely remember those fashion shows…

♥ The Great Faith Debate

Can/should you date someone of a different faith? I’ve had many similar debates with friends; I like Ruth’s take on the matter, especially the last paragraph.

♥ A Game of Catch, or Hot Potato?

Wedding season is late this year (among my friends, anyway); one down, three to go! At the last wedding I attended, my friend and I were forced out of our seats by the mother of the groom, insisting that we participate in the bouquet toss. I was happy to read this article from the NYTimes, which is encouraging for those of us who don’t like it when the party stops so the happy couple can throw things at the single people.

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Other things I’m loving:

♥ BlogLovin

Thanks goes out to my friend Emily H, who alerted me to the wonderfulness of this website. BlogLovin keeps track of all the blogs I follow and delivers a digest to my inbox once a day. It makes it SO much easier for me to keep up on my blog reading without having an overflowing inbox…especially when I get busy and can only sit down once a week to catch up.

(Try it out! Click the little “ + Follow this blog” button to the right →)

♥ Names Of God – Jehovah Mekoddishkem from Real Life Ministries on Vimeo.

I was out of town the weekend this sermon was preached, but numerous people raved about it, and once I watched it I knew why.

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