Life After Whole 30/ Pregnancy Update

Time for a long overdue “Post Whole 30/Pregnancy Diet” update! Long story short: some things are going well, some things are not going well.

Mostly what isn’t going well is my self control. I had grand plans, which I shared in my Whole 30 recap post. But somehow they quickly went out the window. My husband actually asked me the other day why I keep buying cheese (can’t sneak anything past him!) because he knew my plan was to only eat that outside the house. I’ve also become re-addicted to coffee (with cream), and went through a period where I was making and eating a loooot of cookies.

The good news is, I realized WHY I had slid downhill so fast—we decided to sell our house, and the whole process really stressed me out. I was eating all my feelings. I can’t say I have necessarily learned how to do things differently, but at least I named it, and hopefully the stress will be over soon. I’m counting that a win.

The other good news is that, much like during my pregnancy, I have been a little more flexible in the things that I have been able to eat without having the usual reactions. Although I still eat a gluten free diet at home, and will choose the gluten free option if there is a choice, I now usually refer to myself as “gluten light” because an occasional SMALL glutenous item doesn’t seem to cause a noticeable reaction. However, knowing what I do about the inflammatory properties of wheat and my body’s personal sensitivities, I still try to be selective and limit the amount I am consuming. Just because it is not causing visible inflammation doesn’t mean that it isn’t causing inflammation in my gut, which is what I have worked so hard to heal. More than anything it just gives me a bit of leeway when dining out. I have actually noticed that corn (even when organic) seems to bother my stomach more than anything else, so I am working on phasing that out of my diet.

Staring my son on solids has made me reevaluate the things I am eating—he wants whatever I am having, and even though he’s only had a few foods so far, it already has me thinking about the future. I want him to eat healthy, and it doesn’t seem fair to eat things he’s not allowed to have, so I definitely need to work on that. I’m sure I will post soon about how we’ve gone about introducing him to solid foods, because it’s something I’ve gotten several questions about and a topic that I am very passionate about!

But for today I just wanted to give you a real life update. Because the struggle is real. And that doesn’t always come across in the Instagram posts. 

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