January Goals Recap

I have a lot of goals for this year, and I’ve decided to tackle them in phases.

It’s funny because when I took the Word of the Year Test, my result was Simplify, which I didn’t think was very appropriate. But 31 days in, and I’m looking back at my January goals, realizing that simplifying is exactly what I did. It was part intentional and part forced by things like the stomach bug, but it was so needed.

This month I set out to focus on my reading goals, as well as re-establishing my daily quiet time practice. This looked like:

  • Picking 10 books off my own bookshelves to read for the year.
  • Committing to reading at least two chapters a day.
  • Picking up where I left off on my comprehensive health Bible Study, reading at least five chapters per day, taking notes where appropriate, and including journaling time.

The reason I chose to focus on these goals was because I was feeling pretty tired after the holidays and I knew both of these goals were pointing me towards REST. But I also knew that if I could establish these easy, healthy habits early in the year, the success would give me motivation to tackle some of the harder ones in the coming months.

I also decided to take on a decluttering challenge that I found on Clean Mama. I liked how she broke it down to tackle a room each week of the month—that seemed do-able in my month of simplifying and rest. I didn’t exactly follow the plan (i.e. I skipped the kitchen because that seemed too overwhelming, especially since I knew I wouldn’t find much that we don’t actually use), but it was a great jumping off point for the year! I especially loved starting with the laundry room and cleaning supplies, because I would never think to tackle those areas, which means there was lots to be thrown away and cleaned out (like the crevices in the washing machine and dryer!). Now Spring cleaning won’t feel so overwhelming…especially since I will have my hands full this spring.

Although my daily focus was on the above mentioned goals, I was definitely quietly working away on some of the other areas on my list. You may have noticed a few changes on the blog… I’ve also been working on my Poshmark side hustle, and I haven’t been measuring, but I am pretty sure I’ve been eating more vegetables than sugar (if you don’t count that one day when I ate a whole batch of cookies). I’m sure I’ll post more about each of those things as they become the focus of my attention. For now I am proud of myself, because other than a couple of days when I couldn’t get out of bed due to sickness, I met both of my daily reading goals.

How are you doing on your goals?

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